Osku City Governor: “Islamic Azad University is one of the successful institutions after Islamic revolution.”
The senate and staff of Islamic Azad University, Osku Branch visited Mr. Aseri, governor of Osku City, synchronous with thirty third anniversary of glorious victory of Islamic Revolution. 
In this meeting which took place in Osku Governor`s office, Dr. Rahmani congratulated victory of Islamic Revolution and appreciated governorship`s assistance to meet university goals. Dr. Rahmani also presented his positive assessment toward the cohesion and the existing positive interaction in different offices of Osku and said that like other offices Islamic Azad University always like to involve in governor`s decision makings.
In this meeting Dr. Rahmani presented a complete report of university`s performance especially during his presidency, earning higher ranks in scientific and research field like university robotic team`s recent achievements, obtaining ranks in regional taekwondo, wrestling, futsal and other athletic competitions, gaining research funds remaining from previous years, ranking the first among universities in zone 13, financially ranking the second among universities of the same rank, and also talked about all efforts to mobilize labs, computer sites and other educational facilities. 
Dr. Rahmani also talked about university`s regional and national achievements in cultural fields and earning higher ranks in Quran and Etrat Competitions. He was happy that most students tend to take a part in different fields. 
Mr. Aseri believed that Islamic Azad University is one of the blessings of Islamic Revolution and now thirty-three years after Islamic Revolution we can see that there are Islamic Azad Universities in all big and small cities and this fact shows this organization is one of the most successful institutions after Islamic Revolution. 
The governor of Osku said that one of the important goals of our enemies is damaging people`s thoughts and he also reminded that our enemy do not pay attention to geographical and national borders; what is important for them is people educational levels. Therefore, the most important goals of nation and the state must be to develop universities, equip universities with different facilities and also to preserve country`s independence.
At the end of the meeting, the governor promised to help the promotion and development of Osku Islamic Azad University and also to increase educational levels of Osku. Dr. Rahmani requested the governor to assist the university to have a close relationship with Osku industry to help graduates in occupational fields. 
Osku Islamic Azad University .