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History and statistical information of Islamic Azad University, Osku Branch



 Islamic Azad University, Osku Branch was founded in 1381/12/17 with approval of Islamic Azad University officials in the second zone and by accepting 337 students (189 male and 148 female) in computer and accounting fields with both continuous and discontinuous associate degrees and also with nine official staff started its work as one of the centers affiliated to Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Branch. This university was announced as an independent unit by the central organization of Islamic Azad University in 1386/12/7.
This university includes the following fields of study:

Field of study


Continuous Associate Degree



Accounting as an Applied Science

Architectural Drawing



Computer software



Construction-general building works



Discontinuous Associate Degree


Computer Software as an applied Science

Tourism Industry Management


Continuous B.A. Degree

Computer Engineering

Civil Engineering

Discontinuous B.A. Degree

Electrical Technology Engineering-Power

Civil Technology Engineering

Architectural Technology Engineering

Computer Software Technology Engineering

The Technology of Accounting as an Applied Science Engineering

 In Islamic Azad University, Osku Branch there are 21 professors who are part time lecturers and 25 professors who are full- time faculty members. Among 25 professors, 4 teach in Basic Science Fields (Math and Physics), 2 in General Fields (Persian and Foreign Languages), 6 in Computer Field, 3 in Accounting Field, 3 in the Field of Architecture, 1 in Economics Field, 3 in Electrical Field and 3 in Civil Engineering Field.

University by taking Construction Areas into account 




The main University campus with a total area of ​​8265 square meters (part donated by Mr. Khabbazi)is considered for educational and administrative purposes. Until now 5600 square meters has been exploited.



Also female students university dormitory with 333 square meters (donated by Mr.Sanayi) in 4 floors is being built in town center

Osku Islamic Azad University .