about Osku

Geographical and historical conditions of Osku City


Osku city is one of the 19 cities of East Azerbaijan Province which is about 1516/775 square kilometers that with regard to area it constitutes about 3/30 percent of East Azerbaijan Province.In this regard Osku is ranked 15 among the cities of East Azerbaijan Province. This city is located in west part of East Azerbaijan. Its distance from Tabriz is about 20 kilometers (in an straight line). But this road is about 32 kilometers long that becomes less in distance and traffic when Tabriz-Sahand road is traversed and finished.

Since this city is located in the foot of Sahand Mountains and because of cold air, fumes and moisture of Urumia Lake, it has a mild and damp climate.

Three rivers of Osku Chay, Kandvan Chay and Molla Heidar Arkhi are flowing in this city whose sources are located in Sahand Mountains.

Based on new national divisions on seventh month of 1376 Osku Section was changed into Osku City. After that the Osku city governorship was established. During this year Khosroshar was separated from Osku and became one of the dependencies of Tabriz City. Then Osku consisted of two parts: central (Sahand and Bavil and Ganbarof Villages) and Ilkhchi (Tazehkand Village and Southern Shorakat). In 1379 Tazehkand Village was separated from Osku and instead of it Jazireh Village became one of the dependencies of Osku City. Until now this division has remained stable and unchanged.



Appellation and historical background


Researchers believe that Osku City and the old city of Oshkaya are the same. It is clear from Assyria sources that Oshkaya was a city with castles that was located on Eastern part of Urmia Lake and in foot of Sahand Mountains. Osku is one of the oldest and important cities of East Azerbaijan Province. The oldest reference in which the name of Osku (Oskuyeh) has been mentioned is perhaps the Sargn`s (the second) inscription who was the king of Assyria. Osku is now located in the western foothills of Sahand Mountains, Urartu`s castle borders.

Osku Islamic Azad University .